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Slide'N'Hide & Parallex Hardware Systems

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Preferred Engineering Products award-winning TiltíNíSlide window hardware system is the first system designed to allow ordinary slider windows to open inward.

Tilt'N'Slide Standard System Tilt'N'Slide with optional
Anti-Swing Lock

The TiltíNíSlide design allows the window to open easily and lock into any position for increased flexibility. Now exterior glass can be cleaned quickly and safely from inside the house. Homeowners can breathe easy with increased ventilation because they can now open their windows all the way. TiltíNíSlide also provides peace of mind in an emergency situation, opening fully to allow fast and easy egress.


Tilt'N'Slide Caliper Locking Handle Not all tilt-in window hardware is created equal. TiltíNíSlide is the safest tilt-in hardware on the market today. Only TiltíNíSlide securely locks the sash to the frame before tilting inward, preventing it from falling and injuring the homeowner and eliminating liability issues for the manufacturer. Other hardware systems only apply brake pressure, increasing the possibility of the sash falling out of the frame before the brakes are fully engaged.

Tilt'N'Slide Caliper Lock cross section TiltíNíSlide features a calliper brake system that clamps the sash like a vice while competitors use an expanding shoe brake system that relies on friction between plastic hardware and a PVC frame.

Anti-Swing Lock

The Anti-Swing Lock feature, made of high-performance DuPont Delrin allows the sash to be locked into any open position.

TiltíNíSlide also allows for a quick escape in emergency situations, because windows can be opened further and faster than conventional windows.

Proven Performance

The TiltíNíSlide system has undergone rigorous performance and safety testing and can be engineered to meet any certification requirement for your windows.

The System of Choice

Window manufacturers choose TiltíNíSlide for profitability, quick assembly and increased competitiveness. TiltíNíslide can be modified to suit any existing window design, so thereís no need to re-tool your production lines or develop new extrusions. In fact, Preferred Engineering can supply ready-to-use jigs so you can begin production of TiltíNíSlide windows almost immediately.

Preferred Engineering offers step-by-step instructions with the TiltíNíSlide video and assembly guide. The engineering group is available to help you customize the system to fit your needs. Product trouble-shooting in the field or in the manufacturing plant, complete Solid Edge design software and in-house testing facilities are all available to help you give your customers maximum performance quickly and cost-effectively.

At Preferred Engineering, weíre committed to providing innovative solutions to your window hardware problems. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make the right choice.

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