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Tilt'N'Slide with Anti-Swing Lock
How Slide'N'Hide Works
Casement Windows
When you need the screen, simply grab the pull handle and slide it across until it lock into place.
Slider and Hung Windows

Slide the window open and the sash automatically pulls the screen into place. Close the window and the screen rolls back into the frame. When tilting the sash open for window cleaning, the screen releases and rolls up into the frame automatically.†An optional full screen is also available, which can be used with solar shading.

Changing The Screen
The process of changing the SlideíNíHide screen is the same as for initial installation. The following steps clearly illustrate how easy SlideíNíHide can be installed and replaced.
Step 1:
Take the complete screen cartridge unit;
Step 2:
Ensure the screen material is facing the vertical extrusion of the window frame;
Step 3:
Insert the top of the SlideíNíHide cartridge in the upper corner of the window frame extrusion;
Step 4:
Slide the cartridge into the lower sill plate until it clicks securely into place;
Step 5:
Deploy the screen by pulling the slider bar.
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