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Tilt'N'Slide with Anti-Swing Lock
How Parallex Works

The Parallex™ system consists of durable toothed nylon tracks, carrier shoes and a pivot shaft running through the window sash.

The toothed nylon tracks are installed in the window frame to guide the window opening. A pivot shaft is inserted through the entire length of the sash, providing rigidity to the window. This pivot shaft is then inserted into carrier shoes at either end, effectively anchoring the sash within the nylon tracks in the frame. A gear in the carrier shoes meshes with the teeth in the nylon guide track. Moving the sash along the track causes the gear to rotate the pivot shaft which keeps the carrier shoes in parallel alignment to one another.

These components work together to stabilize the forces acting upon the sash, preventing jamming, eliminating sash sag and facilitating ease of operation.

The internal mechanism contributes to the rigidity of the sash for increased durability and maximum performance under high wind loads.

To see how the different styles of the Parallex Hardware System work, please click on the images below.

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