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Benefits of Tilt'N'Slide
Window Manufacturers
  • Can be incorporated into existing profiles, so there’s no need to re-tool
  • Increased Profits: Ease of assembly means increased worker productivity
  • Brass quad-roller design keeps sash at a constant height, maintaining weather seal integrity
  • Features and safety aspects make TILT ‘N’ SLIDE™ desirable to homeowners
Dealers & Distributors
  • Product differentiation
  • Functionality and safety features make windows with Tilt’N’Slide hardware more desirable to homeowners;
  • Quality of manufacture and ease of operation virtually eliminates service calls.
  • Safest tilt-in window hardware on the market
  • Window is firmly locked in position with a calliper brake before tilting inwards;
  • Swing-in feature makes for easy cleaning, emergency exits, and maximizes ventilation;
  • TILT LOCK feature locks sash in place, preventing damage to the window;
  • Brass quad-roller system maintains the sash at a constant height, reducing sash wear and retains weather seal.
Preferred Engineering’s TILT LOCK mechanism provides anti-swing functionality for Tilt’N’Slide™ windows. The TILT LOCK allows users to firmly anchor their windows in any tilted position, eliminating drifting or swinging of the sash.
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Anti-Swing Lock
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